About the Record, and What It Shows

willie mcgee tops

Let the record show that this author is quite impressed (see: stunned, floored, slack in the jaw) with Spencer Hall’s review of Willie McGee.

Let it (i.e., the record) make clear that, in six months or two years, when I attempt to recall some great essay on the essence, really, of Willie McGee, the one I’ll be attempting to recall is Hall’s aforementioned.

The record should show that I called it the best baseball thing I’ve ever read. It should also be noted that the “best _____ I’ve ever _____” distinction is one I have defiled to the extent that it means nothing.

If the record knows what is best for it, it better show that I personally gave Hall’s entry more page views than the whole lot of you clods have given this very blog. Note, also, that the previous statement is possibly exaggerated. The point is Spencer Hall’s review of Willie McGee is truly fantastic and worth reading twelve times.

Other things the record might as well show since we’re at it:

  • The best episode of The Simpsons is “Last Exit to Springfield.”
  • The thing I spend most of my time doing is called pandiculation.
  • Dogs are better than cats.
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