In Which Bill McCool Becomes Trill MC Cool


“Vanilla pudding is lame. Trill is my first name. I stomp on fake rappers – Godzilla of the rap game.”

The above photo identifies Trill MC Cool as a pitcher, but it fails to inform its viewer that the items he pitches are sick rhymes.

It is the understanding of this author that the word trill is a portmanteau, made from the words “true” and “real.”

Truth? Check. Trill MC Cool (née Bill McCool) is the pure essence of the truth. Real? Pfft. Allow me to answer this question with another: If he is not real, who is that fellow at the top of this very page? He is absolutely true, and he is at least sort of real. The word trill does not define Trill MC Cool, so much as he defines the word.

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