Events of Rare Occurrence Deserve Celebration: Ben Revere Edition

revereh gif

Ben Revere hit a home run yesterday, which seems like something that could only happen in a dream or another dimension of reality in which Ben Revere hits home runs more frequently than once every 1,556 plate appearances. The above GIF seems to prove the homer’s truth, though, as a.) the happenings of the dreamscape cannot (yet) be made into viewable internet candy, and b.) the same condition (a.)) applies to that which occurs in another dimension.

So celebrate, friends! Ben Revere has hit a real, actual home run. Pop a bottle of Scharffenberger and do with it what you will!*

Two items of note, regarding Revere’s first home run:

  • Revere’s homer increased his career home run to fly ball rate from 0.0% to 0.6%. A real slugger, this Ben Revere.
  • The homer came on a pitch thrown by Boone Logan – a pitcher who has found decent success as a lefty vs. lefty specialist. Logan wasn’t the least likely candidate to become the answer to this particular trivia question, but he was pretty unlikely.

Cheers, Ben Revere! To future success! May you find another home run next year, or perhaps the year after that.

*For those less optimistic fellows: Retreat to your fortified bunker, pop open a can of non-perishable meat product and do with it what you will! Then wait for this likely apocalypse to settle down, exit the bunker, and travel south for some reason.

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