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Chasing Davenport: José Abreu vs. His Supernatural Self

The task of projecting any baseball player’s transition to a new league is a difficult one, but for reasons explained here by Eno Sarris, it is especially difficult to do so for Cuban players. No projection system is perfect, but Clay Davenport’s Davenport … Continue reading

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Remembering Tony Gwynn

For a reasonable man, an evaluation of the fairness of life forces the concession that life is not fair at all. It is, instead, best described as “unfair,” or “so far off the scale of fairness and onto the scale of … Continue reading

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Today I Had to Buy New Clothes: Yoenis Cespedes Edition

Today I had to buy new clothes, for upon seeing the above throw by Yoenis Cespedes, I soiled each and all of my current garments to permanent effect.

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Andrelton Simmons Can…

Andrelton Simmons can steal your lunch, eat it, then return it to you in its original state of unsully. Andrelton Simmons can (read: does) easily recite Romantic era classics as he throws you out from a spot that is practically left … Continue reading

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A List of People Mike Minor Would Eagerly Strike Out, If Given the Chance

Today was supposed to be a simple day. It was to be a morning of finding Danzig lyrics which are also explanations of José Abreu; an afternoon of honest review regarding the online purchase of Adult Costume President Lincoln Stove … Continue reading

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In Anticipation of Corey Kluber, a Checklist

Corey Kluber, pitching ace of the entire world but more specifically the Cleveland Indians, will throw against (read: surely resign to embarrassed fits of infantile poutiness, with a swiftness reasonably described as posthaste) the Red Sox tonight. In preparation of our impending … Continue reading

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