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A Consideration of Assholes and Astros

It is necessary to understand, reader, that due to a recent back injury, I am plagued at present by the following conditions: (a) a cloud of pharma-manufactured stupidity hovers in the general vicinity of my presence at almost all times, and (b) typing … Continue reading

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Life After NotGraphs: A Few Ideas

Let the record show that on July 21, 2014, author/poet/destroyer-of-a-sacred-many-things Carson Cistulli issued the first public notice of the weblog expiration heard ’round the world. NotGraphs – the internet’s #1 destination for baseball fans who dare to dream – is … Continue reading

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3 More Players Who Won’t Be Dealt at MLB’s Trade Deadline

Earlier today, SB Nation published a list of 10 players who won’t be dealt at MLB’s trade deadline. I’ll present you, reader, with a truth about blog post ideas and the relationship between creators and copycats of blog post ideas (same): … Continue reading

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A Brief Think Piece Regarding Andrelton Simmons’ Throwing Arm

Andrelton Simmons has a fantastic throwing arm, and I think I like it.

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Evan Gattis Is on the Disabled List, and All Humans Are Ants

Evan Gattis is on the disabled list. Humans are ants traveling to and from their anthills motivated by an imaginary purpose that ends up the same as everything else, which is to suggest that the final sum of everything we … Continue reading

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