Names of Coaches in the 1989 Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, Ranked

In the spirit of March Madness (read: I happened upon an above-average Wikipedia page), behold: a basketball post!

The 1989 NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament was marvelously weird. It is most notable for being won by a team who fired its head coach during the last week of the regular season. That same team featured Glen Rice, who averaged more than 30 points per in six tournament games.

It should, however, be most notable for the names of the involved head coaches. Here they are, ranked.

  1. Wimp Sanderson
  2. Tommy Joe Eagles
  3. Clem Haskins
  4. Speedy Morris
  5. Digger Phelps
  6. Kermit Davis
  7. C.M. Newton
  8. Cy Alexander
  9. Tony Barone
  10. Lon Kruger
  11. Denny Crum
  12. Charlie Spoonhour
  13. Ronnie Arrow
  14. P.J. Carlesimo
  15. Norm Sloan
  16. Gale Catlett
  17. Ernie Nestor
  18. Jerry Tarkanian
  19. Norm Stewart
  20. Pete Carill
  21. Rick Majerus
  22. Bobby Cremins
  23. Boyd Grant
  24. Johnny Orr
  25. Billy Tubbs
  26. Nolan Richardson
  27. Lute Olsen
  28. Larry Finch
  29. Paul Westhead
  30. Charlie Woollum
  31. Jarrett Dunham
  32. Mike Krzyzewski
  33. Tom Penders
  34. Bob Wenzel
  35. George Felton
  36. Dale Brown
  37. Don DeVoe
  38. Dean Smith
  39. Pat Kennedy
  40. Ben Jobe
  41. Cliff Ellis
  42. Jim Crews
  43. Lou Henson
  44. Jim Valvano
  45. Mike Deane
  46. Jim Boeheim
  47. Terry Holland
  48. Steve Welch
  49. Jim Harrick
  50. John Thompson
  51. Mike Montgomery
  52. Bob Knight
  53. Lynn Nance
  54. Paul Evans
  55. Bruce Stewart
  56. Les Robinson
  57. Steve Fisher
  58. Mike Newell
  59. Rick Barnes
  60. Don Haskins
  61. Tom Davis
  62. Pete Gillen
  63. Ralph Miller
  64. Joey Meyer


More authority figures should be named Wimp. I want a President Wimp.

Wimp Sanderson coached Alabama from 1981-1992. Tommy Joe Eagles coached Auburn from 1989-1994. Very basic arithmetic reveals that in the period 1989-1992, the head coaches in the hot-like-fire Alabama/Auburn rivalry were Wimp Sanderson and Tommy Joe Eagles. If this isn’t already the sum of a 30 for 30 documentary plot, it most certainly should be.

No adult should be called Joey.

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