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Being a Braves Fan, The Process™, and Fun in Sports

Let’s talk about why sports exist. As most of you know, sports were born from the Altoona Conference of 1849, mere weeks after the Mighty Men of Earth, history’s most reverential band of brothers, united from 62 countries to fend off … Continue reading

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Mighty Snoop Dogg at the Bat: A Viewer’s Instruction Manual

Do not allow yourself to simply look at this wonderful photo taken by USA Today Sports’ Frank Victores. Rather, oblige yourself to marvel at it. If you can, take out your ol’ eyeballs and set them down in the direct viewing … Continue reading

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Rejoice Society! For Corey Kluber Has Performed Miracles!

It was the first strikeout which cured Verna-Jo Moonwraith – the one from Appomattox, VA – of the furious case of gout that has plagued her left foot since The Incident back in the summer of  ’84. It was the second … Continue reading

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Notes on the Kimbrel Trade (Happy Opening Day, I Guess)

Isn’t Opening Day great? Doesn’t each aural occurrence of ball meeting bat in that first game make you increasingly warm from head to toe? Is there anything better than ogling perfectly dressed high socks in a game that actually means something? Opening … Continue reading

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The Kluber Event: A Quest for Hope in the Void (or, An Exercise of Madness in OOTP)

 “Corey Kluber is the essential concept and the first truth.” – Albert Camus Some pitchers are known for their devastating curveballs. Others are known for their facial hair, or the industrial size of their metaphysical cajones, or their goofy leg kick, … Continue reading

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Regarding the Wikipedia Page of Sweetbread Bailey

Regarding the Wikipedia page of Sweetbread Bailey, these four wonderful things: Abraham Lincoln “Sweetbread” or simply “Shortbread” Brooklyn Robins

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A Farewell to (Impossibly Strong) Arms: Notes on the Evan Gattis Trade

Right now, it is 11:49 PM, Central Standard Time, on January 14, 2015. I am trying to write the words “Evan Gattis is a Houston Astro,” which means I am also hoping desperately for a sudden moment of realization that … Continue reading

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Hunter Pence, Eventually

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A Consideration of Candidates for the Position of Atlanta Braves General Manager

Frank Wren is no longer the general manager of the Atlanta Braves. It’s a bit odd, as general managers tend to have pretty great job security, and Wren’s tenure saw the club make the playoffs three times and sign most of its young, talented … Continue reading

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J.E. Gattis and the Quest for Strength

J.E. Gattis went to the woods, but not because he wished to live deliberately. That is something a transcendentalist poet would do, and the only thing J.E. Gattis hates more than a transcendentalist poet is every other type of poet. “Poetry is … Continue reading

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