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3 More Players Who Won’t Be Dealt at MLB’s Trade Deadline

Earlier today, SB Nation published a list of 10 players who won’t be dealt at MLB’s trade deadline. I’ll present you, reader, with a truth about blog post ideas and the relationship between creators and copycats of blog post ideas (same): … Continue reading

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10 Occurences of the Year 2014, as Predicted by My Fiancé

Following my 10 unbold predictions for the upcoming 2014 baseball season, my fiancé, Emily, has also made a list of 10 predictions. As is true with mine, her list is loosely focused on baseball. Eight of the ten items do … Continue reading

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10 Unbold Predictions for 2014

1. Tyrus Raymond Cobb will play in zero games, thus hitting zero home runs and stealing zero bases. Confidence: 10/10. Ty Cobb has been dead since 1961. 2. A player named Cannonball Titcomb VII will play in a Major League … Continue reading

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