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Baseball’s Mount Rushmore

Hey, look! It’s Rob Neyer writing about baseball things on the internet! What a terrific place, the internet. This conveniently underlined link directs us – author and reader – to Neyer’s input on a question posed in Craig Wright’s newsletter … Continue reading

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A Crudely Altered Photo of Aroldis Chapman

By now, the early minutes of the second hour of the twenty-second day of the third month of the year 2014, anyone who would so choose to see the Instagrammed photo of Aroldis Chapman’s new cranial adornment (see: staples) has … Continue reading

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Regarding Something Carlton Fisk Once Said

Something Carlton Fisk said that is probably true: “I can’t say I’ve been liked by everybody, but I can’t say that was my top priority.” Something Carlton Fisk didn’t say, but is probably also true: “I can’t say I’ve been … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Guide to Matt Kemp

Words that accurately describe Matt Kemp: good, often injured. Words that inaccurately describe Matt Kemp: bad, invincibly healthy. Other items of note, regarding Matt Kemp: • In 2010, he hit .249/.310/.450 with 28 home runs and 19 stolen bases, good … Continue reading

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10 Occurences of the Year 2014, as Predicted by My Fiancé

Following my 10 unbold predictions for the upcoming 2014 baseball season, my fiancé, Emily, has also made a list of 10 predictions. As is true with mine, her list is loosely focused on baseball. Eight of the ten items do … Continue reading

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10 Unbold Predictions for 2014

1. Tyrus Raymond Cobb will play in zero games, thus hitting zero home runs and stealing zero bases. Confidence: 10/10. Ty Cobb has been dead since 1961. 2. A player named Cannonball Titcomb VII will play in a Major League … Continue reading

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I submit, for consideration, next season’s true detectives. Maddux is the methodical one who does everything by the book and wastes no time. Glavine is pretty much the same, but he isn’t afraid to sometimes work on the edge of … Continue reading

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Hello, Reader / What’s Up, Buster Olney?

Baseball! Blog! Zobrist! In the spirit of introduction, enjoy these two embedded tweets in which Twitter user Champ German attempts to make acquaintance with ESPN’s Buster Olney. @Buster_ESPN hello Buster — Christian German (@Champion_523) March 6, 2014 @Buster_ESPN whats up … Continue reading

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